The Synkrato Platform:
AI-Powered Logistics

What is Synkrato?

Intelligent. Simple. Private.

The Synkrato AI Platform allows you to utilize all of your data from throughout your organization, and harness AI to optimize operations, improve efficiencies, and drive down cost. Your information is kept secure, and the platform is powered by our proprietary AI Engine that understands the uniqueness of your data and the hurdles to your success.

Simply stated, Synkrato helps you simplify and accelerate your data and utilize AI to reach your goals.

Applied AI for Logistics

Synkrato’s AI Engine drives improvements in warehouse slotting, putaway, and replenishment; as well as optimizing task orchestration.

Generative AI for Logistics

Synkrato’s AI Co-pilot, Trinity, utilizes Generative AI to make decision making and gathering insights easy and conversational.

Dark Data AI Transformation for Logistics

Are you getting value from all your information? Utilize Synkrato’s AI Engine to draw insights and improvements from data you didn’t even know you had, and bring dark data into the light.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Easy as 1-2-3

Create a digital twin of your facility

With Synkrato, we quickly build a digital twin (a virtual replica) of your physical warehouse operations. It simulates real-world processes, enabling you to test and analyze different scenarios and strategies without any risk to your actual operations.

Populate with your data

Easily import your data into Synkrato. Our patented AI Engine analyzes various data points, including inventory levels, order history, shipping times, and customer demand patterns. The more data it has, the more accurate and effective its predictions and recommendations, but typically it’s data that any warehouse should have.

Let AI intelligently optimize

After Synkrato’s AI engine quickly analyzes your data, you’ll see the simulated results of recommended improvements in the digital twin. The digital twin streamlines workflows, predicts bottlenecks, and allows you to test changes in processes before implementing them in the real world, saving time and resources.

Meet Trinity, your AI co-pilot.

Welcome to the dawn of the conversational warehouse.

Trinity, Synkrato’s revolutionary Generative AI Co-pilot, is designed to streamline operations and make interacting with your vast array of data easy and intuitive. Trinity integrates seamlessly and securely with your existing systems to transform the way you manage data, converting structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, accessible to everyone with a simple-to-use chatbot interface.

Trinity is a learning system, constantly evolving and improving. With every interaction, Trinity becomes more knowledgeable and valuable to your business and operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Synkrato is a powerful, intelligent AI platform that leverages advanced algorithms to optimize logistics and warehouse operations. It uses data analytics and machine learning to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

Our AI Engine streamlines processes by optimizing warehouse slotting, predicting future work loads, and suggesting efficient picking strategies. This leads to increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and improved customer satisfaction.
Absolutely! Our AI Engine is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing WMS, enhancing its capabilities without disrupting your current operations.
Synkrato employs both our patented Applied AI and General AI technologies. This combination allows us to offer bespoke, industry-specific solutions (Applied AI) while also leveraging the broader capabilities of General AI for more extensive data analysis and decision-making processes.

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30 Days to an AI-powered Warehouse

30 Days to an AI-powered Warehouse