Synkrato Incorporates Cloud Label Service Into Its Platform

Logistics Solution Synkrato Incorporates Cloud Label Service Into Its Platform

Santa Clara, California, September 12, 2022 — Synkrato, the next-gen logistics solution with digital twins, warehouse slotting and optimization, mobility, and IoT, announced today the incorporation of Cloud Label Service enterprise label management into its platform. The addition enhances Synkrato as a single system to manage end-to-end logistics processes by adding label template management capabilities.

Adding Cloud Label Service furthers Synkrato’s mission to offer an adaptive, collaborative, and automated logistics solution to meet the demands of today’s complex supply chains. With multi-touch supply chains where each product passes through many hands until it arrives at the final user, Synkrato adds label-management capabilities to support product traceability through correct, accurate labeling.

Logistics Solution Synkrato Incorporates Cloud Label Service Into Its Platform

“We are committed to offering a comprehensive solution to make supply chains reliable, resilient, and scalable. Labeling keeps all supply chain parts moving by tracking, locating, and identifying products throughout the supply chain. It made perfect sense to incorporate enterprise label management into the Synkrato logistics platform,” said Amin Sikander, Synkrato president.

The addition of labeling empowers companies to manage label templates — without needing to write any code — from a single platform. Synkrato lets supply chain professionals make label template changes without IT assistance. Companies will be able to create and validate labels, reducing response time to label requirements and changes, crucial for companies where a product delay due to incorrect labeling could damage the product or the end user.

Jason Mancuso, Synkrato product director, said “Our intent is always to simplify complex tasks. Label template owners can log in and make changes without relying on the IT department and share templates with suppliers in just a few clicks. This feature is advantageous for companies with different label versions, long label-revision processes, or short delivery timelines.”

In addition, Synkrato enterprise labeling provides automated label printing. The platform can be integrated with any source system, including SCM, WMS, MES, PLM, and ERP, to automatically print labels based on business transactions. Mancuso continued, “the robust rules engine can be configured to manage complex serialization, dates, and text formatting needs, and it ensures that label data is matched with the right label template and printed at the correct location and printer.”

Cloud Label Service incorporation also supports the current mobile application, one of Synkrato’s core functionalities, opening new possibilities for small and mid-sized companies without robust warehouse management systems. Synkrato’s mobile app removes the need to log into a system, access a label template, and enter the information to print it. The mobile app can be used to scan an item and choose a label template — for example, item, PO, or LPN labels — add the corresponding data, and print it.

Synkrato is exhibiting at LabelExpo Americas 2022 this week in Chicago where it will showcase Cloud Label Service as part of Synkrato for the first time.

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