Leverage Labeling Software to Improve Procure-to-Pay Processes

by Amin Sikander, Synkrato co-founder and president
Published in Workplace Material Handling & Safety

Supply chain disruptions continue to create headaches for businesses, and it is expected that these disruptions—like raw material shortages, labor supply problems and transportation snafus—will persist well beyond 2023. As a result, many companies are recognizing the importance of investing in technology that can enhance their sourcing operations and maintain reliable, sustainable supply chains. To improve supply chain efficacy amid today’s market uncertainties, we will examine challenges posed by procure-to-pay (P2P) processes, and how to solve these challenges by utilizing a labeling platform.

In my previous article, Maintaining Supply Chain Agility Through Labeling, I examined the importance of labels in the supply chain and how organizations can take simple steps to improve supply chain agility. Leveraging a cloud labeling platform to centralize label templates can improve collaboration with partners across the entire supply chain ecosystem. In this article, I’ll build on this step and discuss how modern digital labeling platforms can mitigate common, critical issues within the P2P process

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Leverage Labeling Software to Improve Procure-to-Pay Process
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