CIO, Logistics Solution Synkrato Integrates Cloud Label Service Into Its Infrastructure

Logistics Solution Synkrato Incorporates Cloud Label Service Into Its Platform

Synkrato has added the ability to create, manage, and print label templates to its cloud-based logistics platform.

FREMONT, CA: “We are committed to offering a comprehensive solution to make supply chains reliable, resilient, and scalable. Labeling keeps all supply chain parts moving by tracking, locating, and identifying products throughout the supply chain. It made perfect sense to incorporate enterprise label management into the Synkrato logistics platform,” says Amin Sikander, Synkrato president. Synkrato, the next-generation logistics platform with digital twins, warehouse slotting and optimization, mobility, and IoT, has added Cloud Label Service enterprise label management to its platform. Adding label template management features increases Synkrato as a single solution for managing end-to-end logistical procedures.

The addition of Cloud Label Service advances Synkrato’s objective to provide an adaptable, collaborative, and automated logistics solution to meet the requirements of today’s complicated supply chains. Synkrato delivers label-management features to enhance product traceability via proper, accurate labeling in multi-touch supply chains, where each product passes through multiple hands before reaching the final consumer.

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